WSUS Importing Updates

Seit Juli 2023 hat sich nun der Prozess des Importierens von Updates in geändert. Zum Importieren von Updates wird nun ein -Skript verwendet, welches Microsoft unter WSUS and the Microsoft Update Catalog | Microsoft Learn bereitstellt.

Der neue Import Update Prozess für WSUS

A new PowerShell script replaces the import functionality within WSUS. You will now use this script to download the updates and have them imported to your WSUS server.

There are two ways to get this new script:

  1. Follow your typical steps in WSUS admin user interface: Actions > Import Updates. You'll now be redirected to the documentation containing the script.
  2. Go directly to PowerShell script to import updates into WSUS in the official WSUS and the Catalog site documentation.

Once you copy the script, you'll follow a series of steps to import updates into WSUS using PowerShell. Briefly, here's what you'll have to do:

  1. Save the script.
  2. Open the Microsoft Update Catalog site in a browser.
  3. Search for an update you want to import into WSUS.
  4. Select the desired update from the returned list.
  5. Copy the UpdateID on the opened details page. Note: If importing multiple updates, create a text file with each UpdateID on a separate line.
  6. To import updates, open a PowerShell console as an administrator and run the script with the syntax provided in our documentation.

Note: The files for the imported updates aren't downloaded at the time of import. Please check your Update files settings to or change when they will be downloaded.

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